Many of you may have seen WONDER WOMAN and loved the hype surrounding it. For those who have missed it, now is your chance to add the movie to your collection as it is now available to buy on Blu-ray – and it is definitely a must-see.

For those who saw WONDER WOMAN at the cinema and loved it (like we did!) it is definitely worth the Blu-ray purchase as it is jam-packed with over 2 hours of bonus content!

The movie dazzled on the big screen when it was released in cinemas and dominated the box office, but there are several important factors that are a big key to success for the film and they still come across on the Blu-ray too.

Wonder Woman Blu-ray

Firstly, the script is engaging, entertaining and it’s coupled with superb performances from the cast and you don’t have to watch it on the big screen to appreciate that!

Secondly, Gal Gadot is born to play the role of the titular character and it is hard to imagine anyone else in that role. She embodies her character heart and soul – and is ferociously fierce. The action sequences she is involved with (and her stunt team) are nothing short of extraordinary – largely due to their sublime originality – and they do deliver. How can you not appreciate them on the small screen too?! 

Wonder Woman Blu-ray

Finally, director Patty Jenkins has created such an epic origin story that you just want to watch it again and again. Her heart and soul has been put into this movie and you can tell. 

Of course, the Blu-ray offers some great special features and they make it even more worth while…

Special Features

Epilogue: Etta’s Mission

This was the part that we have heard a lot about and the bonus scene is worth a watch. It lasts just over two and a half minutes in length and we get to see Etta Candy reuniting the boys for a secret mission… We don’t want to reveal anymore, you need to watch it. A perfect little tease for the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.  

Crafting the Wonder

If you ever wondered how the film came to life, this feature shows how it was pieced together, from the conception of the origin story, to all of the technicalities such as the costumes and lighting – little intricacies that are so important but often overlooked and under-appreciated in movies. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, and more all have their say in this too.

A Director’s Vision

There is no Wonder Woman without Patty Jenkins and we get to see her aims and vision in this section as she takes the audience through the most pivotal moments including “Themyscira: The Hidden Island”, “Beach Battle”, “A Photograph Through Time”, “Diana in the Modern World”, and “Wonder Woman at War”. Who better to explain this to us than the lady who is calling the shots?

Wonder Woman Blu-ray

Warriors of Wonder Woman

Fancy being in the sort of shape like Wonder Woman and the Amazon’s? Then this  section may be inspiring to you as you see them working out with Mark Twight and getting into shape for the movie. To be in peak performance for the role, we see the women in pre-production for the  movie going through the (painful) motions of extensive weight training and martial arts to perform in the high standard they demonstrated in the finished cut.

The Trinity

This section i 16 minutes in length and is great for fans of Wonder Woman to explore her origins. It features the filmmakers and comic book creators exploring Wonder Woman’s comic book origins, and how she compares and differs to Batman and Superman.

The Wonder Behind the Camera

This is such a touching feature as we see a group of young girls hoping to be involved in the movie-making industry on set watching how a film is made. Of course there is input form one of the most important people in this movie’s process – the director, Patty Jenkins. This section focuses on all of the women who helped make the movie. It starts with the most obvious one: director Patty Jenkins.

We also hear from Chris Pine, production designer Aline Bonetto and Lindy Hemming the costume designer. 

Wonder Woman Blu-ray

Finding the Wonder Woman Within

Yes, she has made an impact on the world and public figures appreciate her role and significance too. Watch as award-winning poets and inspiring public figures reveal the impact and importance of DC’s greatest heroine on them.

Extended Scenes

Scenes galore are on offer here. Everything you can imagine from extended scenes, an alternative scene, and a deleted scene.

They are definitely worth a watch for yourself. No spoilers here…

Blooper Reel

Everyone’s favourite bit! Every movie has those magical moments where things go perfectly wrong and they are encapsulated into time by the still-rolling camera! A great five minutes of viewing where we see Gal Gadot unintentionally deliver the laughs. Then there is Chris Pine with horse difficulties too… 

WONDER WOMAN is available now to purchase on Blu-ray.

Wonder Woman Blu-ray review

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