If you have a Facebook account, you’re probably used to seeing posts by The LAD Bible plaguing your newsfeed. With over 11 million likes, it’s the go to site for “the best funny, viral and interesting photos from around the world.” But a meme which used an image of Wentworth Miller has sparked a body shaming debate and emotional response from the PRISON BREAK actor.

Captioned “When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald’s monopoly…”, the meme shows a lean Miller next to another image of him with a fuller figure, provoking an honest account of a longstanding battle with depression and comfort eating which the actor shared via his Facebook page.


Revealing that when he first saw the meme “it hurt to breathe,” Miller has since added new meaning to it:

Now, when I see that image of me in my red t-shirt, a rare smile on my face, I am reminded of my struggle. My endurance and my perseverance in the face of all kinds of demons. Some within. Some without.
Like a dandelion up through the pavement, I persist.

The LAD Bible Team have reached out to the actor to apologise, admitting they got it “very very wrong. Mental health is no joke or laughing matter.”

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