After all the hype and publicity over the last few weeks, the first episode of Tumble aired this evening.


A cross between Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, Tumble is the next show to take over before The X Factor returns to our screens.

Rather than singing, dancing or skating it features celebrities doing the next best thing-Gymnastics.

Presented by Alex Jones of The One Show and judged by Olympic gold medalists Louis Smith, Craig Heap, Nadia Comaneci and Sebastien Stella, Tumble challenges ten celebrities including the likes of Blue Peter’s Peter Duncan, Eastenders John Partridge and Loose Women’s Andrea McLean to have a go at becoming gymnasts.

The first episode saw, like all of these types of programmes, the celebrities meeting their professional partners and learning their first routines. Some done rather well, including H from Steps and John Partridge, who came top of the leaderboard, whilst others like TOWIEs Lucy Mecklenburgh looked as though she relied on her partner a bit too much. I suppose it’s to be expected as they’re just starting out. Maybe they’ll get more confident in future weeks.

A varied music choice accompanied each couples routines including the likes of John Partidge’s routine to Bastille’s ‘Of The Night’ and John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ with a routine by Bobby Lockwood.

Amongst the ten routines, the audience was treated to a routine by Louis Smith and his gymnastic pals and an example of the volt by judge Craig Heap, which one of the celebrities at the bottom of the leaderboard will have to face next week. Judge Craig Heap got his conumpients for giving many of the contestants’ low scores when head judge, Nadia judged his volt poorly.

The one thing that became annoying was the voiceover after the celebrities had performed their routines. It became that that it was muted within our household.

All in all Tumble will likely be more enjoyed by the kids, as apposed to the adults of the household, who would possibly compare it to Strictly Come Dancing or see it as another rubbish piece of TV, especially if the comments before it even started are to go by.

Although some people may disagree, it’s worth continuing to watch for the talent of Louis Smith, John Partridge and Bobby Lockwood.






  1. Another reality show… Do you think this one will be up there with Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor with the viewers?

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