Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has a brand new role…

The lethal protector is on his way!

Only a few months since receiving a release date, and a mere four years after it was first announced; Venom the self-titled solo debut of one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies has found its leading man and director.

Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer will be the man behind the camera bringing to life another gruesome story of brain munching fiendishness, from a script by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner.

While,taking on the role of Eddie Brock aka Venom, will be Tom Hardy, so the character’s in safe hands. After all, the Oscar nominee did manage to turn Bane from a monosyllabic growly monster into a cunning, complex extremist.

This won’t be the first time Venom has appeared in cinemas, he had a role in Spider-Man 3, albeit one that should be instantly forgotten. Despite being apart of the film from the beginning, Venom spent the first two acts as the worst roommate ever, existing as a pool of black goo, and not even paying any rent. When the climax came, Topher Grace was Venom in name only,  proving to be a far from menacing host for the black liquid. The Venom goo was also responsible for ‘Emo Peter’…that is all.

Debuting in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #300’, Eddie Brock, a journalist whose biggest scoop turned out to be a lie, exposed by none other than Spider-Man, and the alien symbiote-that used to be Spidey’s stylish black suit before he rejected it-bonded through mutual hatred of the superhero, and chose the name Venom. And then they tried to kill ol’Webhead for the first time of many.

Venom and Spider-Man haven’t always been on different sides, now and again they team up. Unlike other villains, Venom tried to avoid killing innocents, and would mourn those who died by his hand. He nailed the whole weird, repentant serial killer vibe. So, when the Venom symbiote’s baby (Complicated!) joined with a notorious murderer to become Carnage, a killer of anything that moved; Venom and Spidey temporarily settled their differences to take him down.

Since then: Venom travelled to San Francisco to become a-kind of-champion for the homeless, left Eddie Brock for two other hosts, served on a team of Avengers, been a black-ops superspy, and spent time with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

So with a talented director, lead star, and so much material to pull from: Venom is bound to be more exciting than watching sentient black goo just hang around Peter Parker’s apartment, dripping itself everywhere for almost 3 hours.  

Venom will arrive on the silver screen in October 2018.

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