The Night Manager

After six weeks of stilted pacing, brilliant character, extreme drama and one cracking penultimate episode, we’ve finally reached the end of BBC One‘s epic THE NIGHT MANAGER series. With director Susanne Bier taking charge of the adaptation, we’ve enjoyed performances from the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Elizabeth Debicki. How will the series end as Roper begins to uncover the lengths of Pine’s deception? 

After Burr’s failed bust on Roper at the Syrian boarder, the agent is in serious trouble with her superiors as she sits in front of a sea of judgmental eyes, as they rip her investigation to shreds. Her investigation headquarters in London has been completely deserted as everyone around her believes that Pine had given her false information on the weapons raid. Burr knows better though and with a call from Pine in Cairo, her confidence is reinforced once again. 

Pine, Roper and Jed bask in the beauty of one of Cairo’s luxury hotels as unspoken tension begins to threaten the current peace between the trio. Every look from Roper shakes our nerves for both Pine and Jed. We’re unsure as to just how much he knows, and knowing ourselves the danger they’re in if Roper finds out about their deception; we’re left watching while holding our breath. 

Jed is desperate to escape Roper’s clutches, both for her own safety and her desire for Pine. Luckily, Pine knows he needs to do more than just save Jed, his mission isn’t complete until Roper is brought down by Burr and put away for good. Both Burr and Joel make their way to Cairo and in one touching scene we see Pine and Burr reunite at last. It’s so sweet to see them together once again and the simplicity of the first few episodes feels like a life time again now that we’re in much more dangerous waters. 

The Night Man 6

Carol has been sent back into the group to spy on Jed for Roper, but luckily Pine glides in to warn her. It’s clear that Roper has threatened Carol to ensure she attempts to deceive Jed and our sympathies rush towards her once again. The group head to a casino to throw their vast amounts of money at roulette tables and card games. Donned in their sharp suits and stunning gowns, Pine and Jed manage to get Roper’s safe combination to Burr.

Burr rushes to Roper’s room to bag the evidence she needs when one of Roper’s henchmen walk into the room. Burr hides in the bathroom while the brute makes his way closer and closer towards Angela. Luckily, Joel manages to distract him enough for Burr to escape the room. She’s clearly shaken and with her pregnant belly still joyfully round, we’re really beginning to worry about our favourite agent. 

Pine spikes Freddie’s whiskey and after making a scene at the casino, he stumbles back to his room with Pine half carrying him. Pine spikes him again while Freddie inhales his own narcotics and Pine begins to question him about what happened to Sophie all that time ago. Freddie then realises exactly who Pine is just before Pine lashes out, determined to find out exactly who ordered Sophie’s death.

Pine murders Freddie and it’s even clearer to us just how far he’s prepared to go for justice. It’s in these moments that we soberly remember the original reason for Pine’s involvement. He’ll never get over Sophie’s murder, but knowing her blood lies on Roper’s hands means he can make him pay for all the atrocities he’s orchestrated. 


Pine returns the documents to Jed but unknowingly puts her in more danger as Roper catches her trying to return them to the safe. Our hearts drop and our breath catches in our throat as Jed turns to see Roper’s cold face. We know she is in immediate danger as the brilliant score creeps in to chill our spines. Roper relaxes in a silk dressing gown while he witnesses Jed’s torture. While his henchman holds her head underwater we get a glimpse at the shocking bruises on her body. Her pale skins glows under the cool water as she desperately holds her breath and fights for her life. 

Roper knows, we know it, but Pine doesn’t and that leads to some serious tension building from Bier. It’s been brilliantly orchestrated so that we start to learn more before our main character and that’s an extremely difficult but entertaining position to be in, especially for the last episode. We can almost see Pine’s dark fate laid out in front of us, but we’re desperate for his survival, willing him to take Roper down. 


Roper takes him to an abandoned building and violently punches him, intensely winding him before telling Pine he knows everything. Taunting him with pictures of Jed’s beaten face, Roper’s power over Pine is stifling. Back at the hotel, Jed and Frisky makes their way to Burr’s room under the cover of room service. Brilliant Burr shoots Frisky in the leg before fleeing with Jed. 

Pine blows up Roper’s trucks filled with weapons. Their ears ring with the shock of the explosion as Roper stares down Pine with absolute fury. Roper’s outburst is a desperate kind of anger, he cannot believe that Pine has betrayed him so spectacularly. Pine offers him a deal: Jed’s safety for the stolen money.

They head back to the hotel to find Burr sitting in his room, the image of power and success. It’s so glorious to see Angela in front of Roper, knowing that she has won, that London cannot help him now and that she will be the one to bring him in. Roper is escorted out of the hotel in handcuff’s, crossing Pine’s path as he goes. His arrogance is astounding even with his hands behind his back. That won’t last for long, not when he realises he wont be going to jail, but straight into the arms of his enemies; how long will he survive with them?

Programme Name: The Night Manager - TX: n/a - Episode: The Night Manager (No. Ep 1) - Picture Shows: Burr (OLIVIA COLMAN) - (C) The Ink Factory - Photographer: Des Willie

Jed and Pine are reunited once again as she is finally free from Roper’s clutches. As beautiful as ever, despite her scars both emotional and physical, Jed leaves to be reunited with her son. We end with Pine in a simple, un-tucked shirt and sneakers, finally free of his pretense as Roper’s second in command. Costume has played a huge part in creating Pine’s deception and the final shot of him in his casual attire speaks volumes about his happy ending. 

While the final episode doesn’t quite live up to the brilliant penultimate installment last week, it does make for a fitting end to this tension-filled drama. While we know that indeed the series is over, one can’t help but feel Pine’s story isn’t quite done yet and perhaps a future series will follow.

For now though, we’re left with the wonderful aftertaste of some exceptional performances. Our main players Hiddleston and Laurie have been outstanding; Laurie in particular creating such a brilliantly unnerving villain. Olivia Colman and Elizabeth Debicki have also delivered some wonderful performances, exploring their characters with real expertise and dedication. Alas, it’s time to say goodbye to our Sunday night serving of tension and talent. Who will replace the Hiddleston-sized hole in our life now? 


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