Director: Tom McGrath
Voice Cast: Miles Christopher Bakshi,  Alec Baldwin, Eric Bell Jr., Steve Buscemi,  Jimmy Kimmel,  Lisa Kudrow
Rating: U
Running Time: 97 minutes
Release Date: 07/04/2017

There may be some animated children’s movies that adults sit through, waiting desperately for the end, hoping that the 90 minutes of entertainment has occupied their adorable little ones and then there’s THE BOSS BABY. That will definitely not be happening in this film! Young or old, big kid or little kid, this film delivers the giggles and a bucket load of cheeky jokes that the grown ups will love too. 

The concept is quite an easy one: Young Tim’s life has changed forever when there is suddenly a new addition to the family – a little brother. He is not, however, your average little brother and ‘talented’ just doesn’t quite cut it. In fact, he ends up being the younger brother with a penchant for wearing suits, straightening his tie, adjusting his cufflinks and drawing up secret plans via the telephone. As Tim discovers, his little brother is in fact an executive, a corporate official who is on a secret mission to get rid of the latest evil which will steal all of the love of adults away from children – puppies! 

The Boss Baby

Big brother Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi) is not too happy at the arrival of his ‘evil’ baby brother (voiced superbly by Alec Baldwin) who continues to cleverly conceal his secret from his parents (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) into believing that he’s the adorable new addition to the family, while slyly planning a way to shut down the pet company that they actually work for.

There is no doubt in this film that Alec Baldwin steals the show; his comedic qualities are so hilarious and it would be impossible to imagine anyone else lending their vocals to the role. At first, it is a bit odd getting to use to a ‘mini man’ in the film, who is a baby, but once you get by that, you want Boss Baby to remain as he is and not transform back into a cute, regular baby.

Director Tom McGrath has cleverly delivered a world of two different variations: life through the eyes of the children who see it as a permanent role-play full of adventure and imagination, then there is the complete polar opposite of the adults, who see it in a much more boring, realistic style. McGrath has cleverly incorporated the importance of how everything is so much bigger for children and with clever camera work, objects are seen at a much bigger scale to deliver this purpose too. 

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Also, hats off to the animators for the adorable looks of the children, who are all so different to each other. The finest of details have been considered, right down to the chubby cheeks of the children. You just can’t help but find them all adorable! 

An endearing and surprising touch to THE BOSS BABY is the inclusion of The Beatles’s song ‘Blackbird‘, which is used as a lullaby in the film, it certainly remains in the head after the film. 

The Boss Baby review

Overall, THE BOSS BABY delivers the giggles, the cuteness, a wonderful message about the importance of family and bonding, but more than anything else, you will leave the cinema never being able to look at a baby in the same way again!



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