**Note: FULL SPOILERS of this episode included**

The CW has launched the brand new season of SUPERGIRL with a fresh writing direction, non-CGI Superman, new sets, and–what seems to be–a thicker plot. Admittedly I was skeptical at how it would work out at first, but this episode seemed to kick things off in the right direction. So let’s get into it!

Picking up right where we left off at the finale of Season 1, we join our protagonists Supergirl (MELISSA BENOIST) and Martian Manhunter (DAVID HAREWOOD) celebrating the destruction of Myriad when a Kryptonian pod crash lands in National City–which quickly revealed that inside the pod was… a teenage(?) boy. The premiere barely focused on who I can only presume is some sort of Superboy incarnation, and was fast forgotten. After a couple of short scenes with Kara and Kal starring the unconscious man in a hospital bed, he is quickly tucked away into next week’s episode–no doubt being stashed away for a reveal later on in the season.

The main focus of this episode, however, was Superman. We witness Kara bump into CW’s own Superman (TYLER HOECHLIN) during a plane crash landing (a nice little throw-back to Kara’s first venture into super-hood). For me, Hoechlin stole the show. His Clark Kent was charming, helpful, a great reporter, and–most importantly–a great Superman, who was first and foremost looking out for the citizens of National City. Currently in the DC movie universe we are seeing a young, very new Superman figure out who he is, and where his morals stand. This CW Superman already proved that he has it all figured out. He is Clark, a reporter, and Superman all at once, and Hoechlin managed to express his wisdom as all three to Kara in this one episode. I cannot wait to see more of him.


With a brand new Kryptonian comes a brand new Luthor… or maybe make that two? As well as getting a verbal confirmation that Lex Luthor exists in this universe(!), Lena Luthor (KATIE MCGRATH) also came into the picture. Initially as a suspect on the aforementioned crash-landing plane, Lena eventually poured her out heart to both Kara and Clark, vowing to right the wrongs that Lex had made. Although I don’t think this is her actual plot throughout this season (as Clark said: ‘Never trust a Luthor’) McGrath set it up nicely.

lena luthor

And finally, we have our theme for this season (the first half of it, at least): Kara ‘figuring out who she wants to be’. After seeing Clark work his magic as a reporter, without powers, and some failed-first-dates with Jimmy (MEHCAD BROOKS) Kara realised that she has been either taking orders or hiding her whole life. Following this epiphany, Kara decided to spearhead into a new career path–she wants to become a reporter. Surprise, surprise! Hopefully this means she’ll be taking a few more risks throughout the series, and maybe even a hint of another set of Red Kryptonite later on?

Oh, and our new unnamed big-bad just created Metallo?! That completely came out of left field! A live action Superman, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter Vs. Metallo? Colour me hype, guys.

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