The night of the Living Vampire.

Shared cinematic universes have become a ‘must have’ for film producers, even if they have to scrape the barrel for an idea or two to create one. This seems to be Sony’s approach to their fledgling Spiderverse having announced that after a ‘secret development process’ work will begin on a stand-alone feature focused on Spider-Man’s obscure frenemy: Morbius the Living Vampire. Sony needn’t have been so hush hush, Beyoncé could have made the announcement and it would still have only been met with a collective ‘meh.’

Little is known about the revolutionary direction the studio will take to adapt Morbius’s adventures for the big screen. Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazam have been hired to write the script, their previous credits including: Dracula Untold, The Last WitchGods of Egypt, and Power Rangers. Two of those films failed to launch franchises, which bodes so well for expectant fans that eagerly await a critically acclaimed Morbius film with each breath.

Debuting in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #101’ by Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane, Dr Michael Morbius-a Nobel Prize winning scientist-attempted to cure himself of a rare blood disease with a (very) experimental treatment using vampire bats and electroshock therapy. Instead of curing himself, Morbius gained the abilities of a vampire, a paler complexion, fangs, bloodlust, and an aversion to sunlight. His bloodlust and search for a cure bringing him into conflict with Spider-Man on many occasions, none being ended by the tactical use of crosses or holy water because science vampire.

Over the years, Morbius became more of an anti-hero using his powers and scientific know how to aid other heroes. A few times he’s even set out on his own to battle cults, demons, real vampires, and travel between dimensions. Eventually even finding a home with other monsters in an underground city, away from daylight and with better sleeping arrangements than the coffins of his supernatural cousins.

Morbius could prove to redefine the superhero and vampire genres, making all the initial disinterest look silly as Sony gain a critical darling and franchise character. Or be worse than Dracula Untold, and win a few Razzies. Place your bets.

Sony are also developing two other entries in their Spiderverse targeting a 2018 release, Venom and Silver and Black; which at least have interesting protagonists.

A release date for Morbius is to be announced.


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