Get ready for a sexperience…

There was a time, not so long ago when a superhero film was just a superhero film: a scrawny guy gets superpowers, puts on spandex, punches villains, saves the day, the end.

Now the genre has evolved, and almost every solo-spandex or spandex brigade adventure is out to reinvent the wheel. Deadpool was an irreverent meta commentary, Logan a super-powered Western, and Doctor Strange a trippy journey into mysticism. Whilst, DC flails around with the grim and gritty, new heroes you won’t have ever heard of step into the limelight.

Enter Paramount, and the studio’s plans to adapt ‘The Pro’ for the silver screen. Published in 2002 from the team of Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti; ‘The Pro’ is a raunchy parody of mainstream spandex-wearers. Superheroes have been great, funny, dark; so it’s time for them to be sexy. Kind of.

‘The Pro’ follows the adventures of a young woman pulling double duty as a waitress and sex worker, to provide for herself and her child, after receiving powers in her sleep from an alien known as the Viewer. It doesn’t take long for her to be enlisted by all-round do-gooders the League of Honor in their crusade for justice (yawn) , and face-off against the Grammatical Gang of Grimness. More sex, angry Johns, and terrorists are around to spoil the fun.

The Pro

Presumably, Paramount’s adaptation of ‘The Pro’ will carry a 15-rating to remain truthful to its disgustingly off-kilter, deplorable parody, and pick-up the audience who loved Deadpool so much. Even if it isn’t, ‘The Pro’ won’t be a film Mumsnet recommend. What would the sight of a condom destroying a plane do to the children?

‘The Pro’ adaptation has the opportunity to explore a different kind of female hero, one that isn’t an all-round golden girl. Instead, she’s a single mum, who probably takes artsy pictures of her baby, when she isn’t voluntering defeated supervillain for ‘water sports.’ And a sex worker without a gangsta pimp decked out with gold chains.


A release date is yet to be announced.

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