After the announcement of the Game of Thrones Season 7 release date at the start of the month, fans have now been treated to an official teaser trailer to tide them over until July 17. If we weren’t eagerly anticipating the new series enough, this trailer definitely does the trick.

Titled ‘Long Walk’, we’re teased with 90 seconds following our three main prospects for the Iron Throne. Cersei LANNISTER (LENA HEADEY), Daenerys Targaryen (EMILIA CLARKE), and Jon Snow (KIT HARRINGTON) make their way to respective ‘thrones’, to the tune of ‘Sit Down’ by James. The music perfectly compliments the drama in the scene, contrasting the normally instrumental music we hear with the show. There’s definitely no ‘Rains of Castermere’ here.

We know the focus of season 7 will be on these 3 characters coming to blows, with Jon in Winterfell, Cersei in King’s Landing, and Daenerys apparently in her ancestral home of Dragonstone. Season 6’s (literally) explosive finale saw Daenerys finally making her journey across the Narrow Sea to Westeros, Cersei destroy her rivals and claim the Iron Throne for herself, and we eventually got confirmation of Jon Snow’s true parentage in Bran’s vision, just before he was anointed ‘King in the North’. Based on how insanely amazing season 6 was, one thing we can be sure of is that season 7 is looking to melt our minds just like old Viserys with his golden crown back in season 1.

The trailer ends with Cersei breathing out frosty air, and we see the blue eye of the Night King White Walker. Previous visions have suggested that the White Walkers will bring winter to King’s Landing at some point, so we know this much: winter is definitely coming for them. And it looks like we only have to wait another 107 days to see it… not that I’m┬ácounting.

UK viewers of Game of Thrones, set your alarms, the Season 7 of Game of Thrones will simulcast weekly at 2am from 17th July on Sky Atlantic and online streaming service NOW TV, followed by a repeat at 9pm the same day.


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