Game Of Thrones

Picking up from where hearts were broken and dreams of a reunion with his sisters were crushed, Jon Snow has been abandoned and left for dead in the snow. Scratching at the door that has it confined, Snow’s direwolf, Ghost, echoes our devastation as its cries can be heard in the distance. Upon hearing the desperate howls, the few remaining loyal men of the Night’s Watch discover him and quickly carry his lifeless body inside. Eddison places his hand over Snow’s eyes and closes them – please God not really for the last time.  


Thorne (evil personified) gathers the rest of the Night’s Watch who are just as angry about the murder of Snow as we are. “Jon Snow is dead,” he says. As though it wasn’t painful enough reading it in the synopsis, they just had to reiterate it. As the men shout over each other, ordering justice for their Lord Commander, Thorne admits to his involvement in the assassination. But cunningly changes the general consensus by depicting Snow as a traitor – “Jon Snow was going to destroy the Night’s Watch. He let the wildlings through our gates as no Lord Commander had ever done before.”

Back in the North, Ramsay sits by the body of the kennel master’s daughter, who was thrown to her death by Theon before escaping (or jumping to his death, you’ll find out soon) with Sansa. Roose reminds Ramsay that without Sansa the North will not back them, and without Sansa he will be unable to produce an heir.


Sansa and Theon run through the woods (HURRAH, they live another day) with Ramsay’s men and their hounds in pursuit. Treading through the freezing cold waters to mask their smell, they cross to the other side, but it’s not long before the sounds of hounds are heard again. “Go North, only North. Jon is Lord Commander at Castle Black. He’ll help you,” Theon instructs Sansa. But his plan to distract the men while she runs fails miserably when the hounds sought her out. But fear not, Brienne is here to save the day! Charging in on horseback with Podrick, they slaughter all of Ramsay’s men. Bowing down to her, Brienne makes a vow to protect Sansa. Let’s just hope she does a better job of protecting Sansa than she did her mother… 

Cersei is informed that a ship has sailed into the harbour. Presuming it is her daughter Myrcella, Cersei waits excitedly for her arrival. But her expression changes when instead she is greeted by Jaime and their child’s body. As Cersei struggles to understand how something so terrible can happen to someone so good and pure, and Jaime battles with himself for not protected her, Cersei reassures him that he couldn’t have stopped it as it was fate – “ I knew this would happen. The witch told me years ago. She promised me three children, she promised me they’d die.”


In Dorne, Prince Doran is given a letter about the death of Myrcella, but before he has a chance to process it his men are killed by Tyene. Angered by the Prince’s failure to avenge Elia and Oberyn Martell’s deaths, Ellaria draws a blade concealed in her bracelet and stabs him in the chest. With his last breath, Prince Doran calls out for his son Trystane and is told of his fate as Ellaria informs him “Your son is weak, just like you, and weak men will never rule Dorne again.” Obara and Nymeria find Trystane and give him a choice of which of the two of them he wants to kill him. Picking Nymeria they prepare to battle, but Obara takes her spear and pierces him through the back of his head.

Since Daenerys vanished on a dragon, Meereen has been brought to a standstill with its people feeling abandoned. But lucky for Dany she’s got two men in the form of boyfriend material Daario and friendzoned Jorah continuing the search for her, discovering she’s been taken. Where’s Liam Neeson when you need him? Daenerys is brought to the Khal by her captors – he basically looks like Drogo but not as sexy. Ordering her to lay with him and give him a son, Daenerys refuses and reveals that she was Khal Drogo’s wife. He quickly takes his hands of her (remember that the next time you’re being hit on in a club) and asks for her forgiveness as “It is forbidden to lie with a Khal’s widow.” Asking to be escorted back to Meereen in exchange for a thousand horses, Daenerys is hit with a bombshell – “When a Khal dies there is only one place for his khaleesi. Vaes Dothrak. The Temple of the Dosh Khaleen. To live out her days with the widows of dead khals.” Should’ve done your research, Dany. 


Back with Snow (whose presence has been missed desperately during this episode), Thorne grants Davos and his men amnesty if they throw down their arms before nightfall. Struggling with numbers to overthrow Thorne, Davos encourages his men to consider one lady in particular – the Red woman. “You haven’t seen her do what I’ve seen her do.“ In her room, the Red Woman undresses. Taking off her necklace, her appearance changes in the mirror to that of an old woman. Climbing into bed, the screen fades to black.

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