In Monday’s penultimate episode of GAME OF THRONES, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the Mormont family sword, now in Jon’s possession, opened its eyes after he pulled himself from icy waters.

In what felt like a deus ex machina, Jon was then faced with an army of White Walkers but rescued just in time by his Uncle Benjen. Online theorists suggest that Bran warged into the Valyrian steel sword, alerting Benjen and leading to the rescue of his nephew.

While it’s fun to speculate and dissect every detail of the series, director Alan Taylor debunked this fan theory during an interview with Insider’s Kim Renfro:

“That is so funny, somebody else mentioned that to me and I haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. So either this sword is magic and it’s doing stuff on its own or something happened. I’m going to have to go back and watch that moment close up and in slow motion to see what’s going on there. I can say that there was no intention for that to be the case.”

Renfro offered Taylor her theory, that due to the cold set Longclaw might’ve frosted over, and when Jon emerged he splashed water onto it. Taylor responded:

“That sounds very likely because there was a lot of conversation about frost because he climbs out of the water and collapses on the ice and there’s a slight time cut, so when we see him staggering to shore he’s frosted up and not wet anymore because everything freezes that fast. So I know there was discussion about starting to show that process, and so they probably amped it up and used whatever they could to show the shift. So I think that’s a very good theory and I’m gonna go with that one until I look at it more closely and see if I can figure out what’s going on. But I spoke to somebody earlier and he was convinced it was a really loaded symbolic moment of Longclaw.”

So, best not too read too much into that one.

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GAME OF THRONES ends its 7th series with a 1 hr 21 minute episode titled “The Dragon and The Wolf” next Monday on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

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