Danielle Kronenberg
“…The idea behind this film was not to provoke. It was to bring awareness to situations that are happening on a day to day basis and most people are totally oblivious to them.”

Some subject matters are harder for audiences to swallow. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t rooted in truth or shouldn’t be shared. British Actress and Producer Danielle Kronenberg isn’t afraid to bring controversial topics to the screen.

In what’s described as a ‘dark and twisted tale’, the LGBT thriller short film “Taste” follows a young bulimic fashion model who discovers animalistic tendencies after a chance encounter with a manipulative photographer.

Danielle has been earning attention and awards on the international festival circuit, including ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the Los Angeles Film Awards, International Independent Film Awards and United International Film Festival.

Danielle currently splits her time between New York, Los Angeles and London, but found some time for an interview:

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, tell us about your role in “Taste.”

DANIELLE: I play the solipsistic fashion photographer named Evan, who has a seductive way of deceiving young models.

Taste - Danielle Kronenberg 2

What was the most challenging part about creating this character?

DANIELLE: Entering into the mind of a sociopath was a toilsome experience for me; staying in that mind was extremely taxing.

As a Producer, what made you want to share this story?

DANIELLE: As a producer on “Taste,” I was fully behind the concept of the film. It’s a story that needed to be told in order to bring awareness to certain subject matters. Obviously, we amplified certain scenes in order to make them more cinematic, but on a whole, we tried to keep them as realistic as possible.

Were you ever concerned about how audiences would react?

DANIELLE: Concerned wouldn’t be the correct term. I was more excited than anything to see how audiences would react. The recognition that we are receiving is astounding.

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What’s been the response within the LGBT community?

DANIELLE: There has been a chain reaction of positive feedback and reinforcement from the LGBT community. The few adverse reactions we’re getting are from people who think we went too far. The film was never intended to be gratuitous and I’m aware that there are some delicate subject matters, but everything that is shown is to bring awareness.

Are you naturally attracted to controversial subject matter?

DANIELLE: Again, the idea behind this film was not to provoke. It was to bring awareness to situations that are happening on a day to day basis and most people are totally oblivious to them. I have no problem in causing a stir, but it certainly wasn’t my main objective.

How did you get into acting and more recently producing?

DANIELLE: I attended a very prestigious full-time children’s acting school in London, UK. I made my West End Debut and won my first award in a short film at the age of 9. I knew then that this would be my lifelong career. It’s something that is so deeply ingrained in my soul that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I have been producing for the last 5 years and the gratification that comes from being part of the whole process is magnificent.

Taste - Danielle Kronenberg 2

What’s next for the film and you?

DANIELLE: “Taste” is still on the festival circuit and will be for the entirety of the year. As for me, I’ve started collaborating on a new LGBT political thriller. I’m looking forward to directing my first feature film and I’ll also be playing a character that I’m very excited to get my teeth stuck into. We are looking to shoot this fall once funding is secured, that’s always the hardest part, right?

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