Film Stars Dont Die In Liverpool has been recognised as achieving a World Record for the largest cinematic rear projection ever used in a film.

Verified at Pinewood Studios on 15 August 2016 the rear projection used multiple projectors on a 119.22m2 (1283.37ft2) screen to achieve the cinematic feat. 

Paul McGuigan said In order to replicate some of the techniques used in the film noir movie industry when Gloria was at her height, I decided it would be good to do some rear projection. In order to do that we decided rather than doing green screen we would do it in camera.

Speaking about the technical side of the achievement, projection effects supervisor Lester Dunton of Dunton PFX adds: We used aligned stacks of powerful projectors to cover the giant screen, with imagery composited to a custom 4k x 1k resolution, to achieve the director’s vision.”

Based on Peter Turner’s memoir, the film follows the playful but passionate relationship between Turner (Jamie Bell) and the eccentric Academy Award-winning actress Gloria Grahame (Annette Bening).

The film boasts a superb cast in the form of Annette Bening, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Vanessa Redgrave, Kenneth Cranham, Stephen Graham, Frances Barber, Leanne Best all starring in FILM STARS DON’T DIE IN LIVERPOOL.

The film has been helmed by Paul McGuigan and produced by Barbara Broccoli and Colin Vaines bringing to life a script penned by Matt Greenhalgh.

Liverpool, 1978: What starts as a vibrant affair between a legendary femme fatale and her young lover quickly grows into a deeper relationship, with Turner being the person Gloria turns to for comfort.

Film Stars Dont Die in Liverpool

Their passion and lust for life is tested to the limits by events beyond their control. Gloria Grahame was a Hollywood leading lady at the heart of several hit films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, including The Big Heat, It’s a Wonderful Life, In a Lonely Place, and Oklahoma! She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Bad and the Beautiful.

Film Stars Dont Die in Liverpool

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The largest cinematic rear projection can be seen in Film Stars Dont Die In Liverpool, in UK cinemas now.


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