For two series we’ve been torn between POLDARK’S Ross and Dwight Enys, but there’s a new boy in town. We were introduced to Demelza’s brother Drake in the first episode of the current third series, and it wasn’t just Morwenna’s heart he captured with these dreamy moments.

When he first meets Morwenna, Drake just couldn’t help but look back at her.

Morwenna warns Drake that men are patrolling the private land, so he returns the favour.

Drake shows Morwenna the Holy Well, which also grants wishes.

And when they leave, he gives her a bracelet he made.

Chasing Morwenna on the beach with seaweed, she dares Drake to throw it at her.

Spotting a girl looking at him, Drake is asked if he should speak to her father.

Drake brings toads to Geoffrey Charles, and a gift for Morwenna too.

That hand kiss, that look, that smile.

Geoffrey Charles tells Morwenna that Drake planted the toads to make them laugh, her especially because she “looked sad sometimes.”

Morwenna asks Drake why he came to visit after she sent him away.

Rowella passes on a gift to Morwenna from Drake.


POLDARK concludes its third series tonight at 9pm on BBC One.


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