I remarked in my last couple of reviews that I felt that the show I once loved so much had diminished a bit in my eyes with a string of ‘meh’ episodes souring my love of the show. I felt that by removing the love triangle and sending Greg off to University the show had become something I don’t think I was ready for. After all, I binged the first season within a week, so I kind of had high expectations for what I wanted the show to be.

I respected the writers for going in new directions, yet I was less and less convinced that what I was watching was the same show I fell in love with.

As much as it pained me to say, I was glad of the holiday break to let the show readjust, if only, in my mind. Thankfully, it seems to have helped; although perhaps temporarily.

There were two new episodes this week and both were definitely two of the best of the season, the former, perhaps one of the best of the whole show. Who is Josh’s Soup Fairy? did so many great things that I really felt like it was the show I fell in love with last year. Though When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh? is a solid follow-up, with lots of great stuff it did, however, feel like a poorer story.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I want. Whilst I came to depend on the shows love triangle to keep me invested, I’m still quite surprised that the Josh/Rebecca love thing happened again so very quickly. I’m perhaps thankful that it didn’t get dragged out but it was surprising, especially as the two haven’t evolved particularly, at least in terms of these particular affections.

The best thing about the first episode of these two, amongst many things, is undoubtedly the resolution to the Rebecca/Paula storyline. Rebecca chooses to help Paula over running off with Josh and admits to making the most mistakes in their friendship. As an evolution of her character, it’s the first great step she needed. If only another new problem wasn’t added on top.

The final twist, let’s say, at the end of the second episode, that Rebecca, almost too predictably has a thing for her new devil of a boss, is either a good or bad thing. It’s impossible to tell. Hopefully, it’s not another way to force another love triangle because honestly you CANNOT replace Greg with some random jackoff and expect us to react the same.

As a character the new dude is great. He’s funny, smarmy and horrible in a way that’s entertaining and not annoying. His energy gives the show its buzz and if he’d been there since season one, I’m sure he’d be a firm favourite by now. I can also easily see him getting a redemptive arc; the story thread is already there, I just hope that, by pursuing the lust storyline, it doesn’t ruin things.

It’s not that I’m attached to the Rebecca/Josh romance right now. I’ll enjoy them one day once they’ve matured but if he’s JUST a spanner in the works like Greg was then I don’t know if I can be on board with him, especially because Santino Fontana was so damned wonderful. Yet, I’ll wait and see. I’m not gonna pre-judge. I enjoy his presence and even if he’s taking quality time away from the rest of its smaller characters (No Valencia, twice) I trust the writers can make him an engaging character.

Despite not being convinced about the second episode, I really loved the first. It was packed with great one-liners and character moments as Rebecca takes care of Paula’s son and Josh realises he may love Rebecca.

Rachel Bloom, in particular, was funnier than she’s ever been, both in her line delivery and physical comedy. The primary song, So Maternal, was wonderfully catchy and it really felt like they took time making it. I just hope that the following episodes are more in keeping with the hijinks of Who is Josh’s Soup Fairy?

Great Lines/Moments

Ep 1

.”I read the book last night for this moment” – On The Hunger Games

.”Don’t douche and drive”

.”Do you always make these big speeches”

“Yes I do”
.”Our love is not for your gaze”
.”He thinks he can beatbox. I really hope it’ not that” – White Josh is the best
.”She’s a poo person”
.”I have to take care of my family I’m a Mom now”
.”Do you even have kids?” “No ha ha ha ha”
Ep 2
.”You made the love of my life say boop dee boop” made me laugh a whole bunch
.”Chiseled out of evil marble”

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