Finally, some progress (sort of).

Now we know where we’re heading this season. A wedding. Josh proposing to Rebecca, whilst Dr Akopian looks on in horror, wasn’t a total surprise what with all the foreshadowing; plus it made narrative and poetical sense, as Rebecca is seconds away from confronting her issues and breaking up with Josh.

It’s a frustrating move in its own way but the writers know this and play it for all its worth. The almost Jaws-like steadily approaching whistling of Josh is designed to have us screaming at our screens, begging her not to fall fifty bazillion steps backwards just as she’s about to take one forward.

I gotta say, it makes sense. I want Rebecca to sort out her problems, yet I’m onboard for wedding drama (and maybe a Greg objection during the cermony??) and I’m glad that there’s actually a clearer trajectory for the rest of the season.

The episode did a good job of bringing Rebecca to her own realisation, with the wise words of Rabbi Shari ringing in her ears. It just means we’re gonna get some back and forth to push her out of the fantasy. Her mental health issues are the defining trait of the entire show, which is such a fantastic thing for any show to take seriously, especially one that’s as silly and fun as this one.

The ending here wasn’t a big moment because it was Josh proposing to Rebecca but rather Rebecca backing away from a breakthrough.

After my disappointment with the middle section of this season, I’ve enjoyed these new episodes a lot more. I’m still unsure about the Nathaniel story as a way of introducing a new love interest for our heroine, despite him getting the redemption story surprisingly early this week. Yet, I can see his potential and his small scene with Darryl at the end was well played.

The B story was fine too, making good use of Darryl but overall feeling a little off. However, there were many strong scenes set at the Bat Mitzvah with Tovah Feldshuh and Patti LuPone getting some crackin’ material. ‘Remember That we Suffered’ was another excellent song, with the same sort of hook as Tovah’s previous ‘Where’s the Bathroom?’. It also helped to highlight some of Rebecca’s issues with her mother and give Josh motivation to propose.

Overall, it was a good episode that is still a big improvement on the latter half of the first half of this season but needed more oomph in the smaller stories.


Extra Points:

. ‘So Maternal’ last week and this week ‘Remember That we Suffered’ are some of the best the shows ever done

.So, I’m guessing Valencia isn’t a big part of the show anymore. I mean, if she’s sort of annoyed with Rebecca, surely the wedding won’t exactly bring her back into it with good will.

.Too little Heather

.Father Brah

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  1. I do feel obliged to point out that Greg is gone because the actor playing Greg had insisted on a 1 year contract then left the show. No amount of pining and wishing will bring Greg back. Unless they recast the part with a new actor.

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