I don’t see why the writers split up Rebecca and Josh earlier in the season. Of all my problems and disappointments with the show this season, I feel like had they been together all this time, it would’ve served the Nathaniel story more. Having them together all of sudden and now getting engaged just seems very rushed and the inclusion of her attraction to her new boss doesn’t feel as dramatic as it could’ve been.

Still, this was an enjoyable episode. Not quite top tier CEG but also not as disappointing as previous episodes. It took the sitcom trope of an impending storm and used it as a means to look at characters differently.

The Frankie Valli-style singer to represent the wind is an interesting and fun twist whilst the stuck in a lift cliche serves to give the drama some momentum. I’m not sure where the show is going, the frisson between Rebecca and Nathaniel is fun but it’s the later scene after the kiss, where the wind reprises a sliver of ‘You Stupid Bitch’ that we get a small understanding of the complexity to the situation.

It was interesting to see Rebecca get goosebumps for Josh again but I still don’t feel like either of them are in a good position of mental health and thus I’m not sure how dramatic the kiss could be played. I expect the impending wedding will give both of them big day fears and I can’t imagine them going through with it.

The B story this week is Paula reuniting with her husband after his infidelity and it also gives Daryl a chance to try and help, if it doesn’t quite go according to plan. The little song between them at the end was genuinely sweet and it was nice to see Scott back, especially as Paula hasn’t forgiven him yet.

It’s still a shame that Greg is gone and that Heather and Valencia are barely in it, yet there’s enough momentum to keep things going for the time being.

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