Brand New Clip Is Here For Only The Brave


To celebrate the release of ONLY THE BRAVE in cinemas, Lionsgate has released a brand new clip from the movie. Check out the footage in the video player above. 

In the director’s chair for this one is Joseph Kosinski and the movie stars a super cast in the form of Josh Brolin (who looks very different in this compared to his Nathan Summers / Cable character in DEADPOOL 2), Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch and Jennifer Connelly.

Only The Brave

All men are created equal… then, a few become firefighters. Only the Brave, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, is the heroic story of one unit of local firefighters that through hope, determination, sacrifice, and the drive to protect families, communities, and our country become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the country. 

Only The Brave

What did you think of the brand new clip? Are you looking forward to watching this movie now that is has arrived on the big screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below or tweet us @filmandtvnow.

ONLY THE BRAVE is out now in cinemas – it’s a definite must-see!

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