1. Archie tries to talk to Josie about his songs.

2. Veronica thought people would be more “obsessed” with her.

3. Cheryl persuades Veronica to sign up for cheerleading.

4. Veronica fights back when Polly doesn’t get a spot with the River Vixens.

5. Jughead is barged into by “the rich kids from The Goonies.”

6. Reggie jokes that Jughead was involved in Jason’s death.

7. Archie defends Jughead.

8. Cheryl interrupts Kevin and Veronica.

9. Archie agrees to be Cheryl’s escort in return for Penelope putting in a word for him at a music academy.

10. Betty asks Cheryl to pass a message on to Polly, and Jughead isn’t impressed when she replies “if I remember.”

11. Cheryl arrives at Archie’s.

12. Chuck returns after being suspended.

13. Cheryl loses out to Veronica.

14. Cheryl finds Polly’s engagement ring.

15. Hal tells their dinner guests about Alice throwing a brick through The Riverdale Register’s window.

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