Baz Luhrmann is the king of directing movies from MOULIN ROUGE to THE GREAT GATSBY no one can do filmmaking like him and it seems his expertise is in further demand for a new show on Netflix.

It has recently been announced that Luhrmann will now direct his first TV show, THE GET DOWN set in 70s New York, which will air on Netflix in 2016. So maybe he’ll soon become the king of TV too?!

Baz Luhrmann

Baz will direct the first two episodes and the season finale of THE GET DOWN, which according to streaming site Netflix, “The Get Down will focus on a rag tag crew of South Bronx teenagers… armed with only verbal games, improvised dance steps, some magic markers and spray cans.”

Luhrmann discussed the project he’s been working on for over 10 years:

“In this golden era of TV, the Netflix culture puts no constraint on creative possibilities. So it’s a natural home for ‘The Get Down’, a project I have been contemplating and working on now for over 10 years.”

The Get Down will air on Netflix in 2016.