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With BATMAN VS SUPERMAN hogging headlines, we’d be forgiven for forgetting about the brilliant Batman trilogy from INTERSTELLAR director Christoper Nolan. Well, apparently Anne Hathaway hasn’t and we’re glad to hear it!

Hathaway played the brilliant Catwoman aka Selina Kyle in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the third and final installment of Nolan’s franchise and when talking to IGN about a possible return to that character, she replied; “I would be totally up for doing it. If Chris [Nolan] was involved. For me, the thing that made doing that part particularly fun was that she existed in his Gotham. Without him I don’t think it would be the same thing”.

Hathaway has recently been working with Nolan again on his epic space adventure, INTERSTELLAR, and there’s no doubt the two are huge fans of working together. Could a statement like this persuade him to return to the Batman directors chair? Unfortunately, we doubt it. 

When Warner Brothers took on the DC Cinematic Universe, they were keen to get Nolan to manage it, but his enthusiasm didn’t match theirs. While Nolan is producing the BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie, he’s pretty keen not to get back in the directors chair and without Nolan, the chances of Hathaway donning the catsuit again is pretty slim.


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