If you’ve been following THIS IS US then you probably haven’t been able to make it through an episode without shedding several tears, both of joy and sadness. With the first season concluding already in the US, and the renewal of two more seasons, lets remind ourselves of the moments that played with our emotions.

1. The doctor Nathan talks with Jack following the devastating news that one baby died.

2. Jack and Rebecca come home with three babies, and the two timelines are revealed.

3. Jack assures Rebecca that he will stop drinking.

4. Rebecca arrives at Randall’s with Miguel, who Tess refers to as Grandad. WHERE IS JACK?!

5. Hearing that nothing can be done for William, Randall regrets not looking for his biological father sooner.

6. Jack tries to boost Kate’s confidence with a magic t-shirt which when worn, “enemies will see you exactly as you wanna be seen”. Kate chooses a princess.

7. Randall introduces Kevin to William.

8. Jack makes amends with Rebecca after she felt pressured into starting a family.

9. Kate reveals Jack is dead.

10. Kevin uses his painting to reassure the girls’ about life and death.

11. Kevin gatecrashes a funeral, and shares a moment with the widow as he opens up about the loss of his father.

12. When Randall intentionally drops grades because he doesn’t want to be treated differently, Jack encourages him to stand out.

13.  Randall and Kevin come to blows.

14. Randall and Kevin finally air some home truths.

15. With his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren back in his life, it’s bittersweet for William.

16. Randall agrees with Kevin that their mother did favour him, but only because Kevin never gave him any attention.

17. Kevin asks Randall to hang out with him, and Randall finally watches “The Manny.”

18. Kate breaks up with Toby.

19. Olivia asks William how it feels to be dying.

20. During Thanksgiving dinner, Randall reveals that his mother knew William the entire time.

21. Jack takes part in Randall’s martial arts initiation.

22. William reads a letter from Rebecca telling him that he can’t meet Randall.

23. Toby gatecrashes Christmas to declare his love for Kate.

24. And then collapses before being rushed to hospital for surgery.

25. Thinking he’s asleep, Kate tells Toby she loves him.

26. Williams admits to Randall that the medication is making him “feel sicker”, and together they make a heartbreaking decision.

27. Jack is distracted thinking about Rebecca and his future children.

28. Nathan begins to clear away his deceased wife’s possessions.

29. After 12 years, Kevin turns up on his ex-wife’s doorstep, who is revealed as Kate’s childhood best friend.

30. Jack and Rebecca read their wedding vows to each other in their first apartment, while Sophie turns up at the restaurant to meet Kevin.

31. Sensing something’s wrong, Kevin runs out on his performance to find Randall.

32. As William passes away, Randall holds his head between the palms of his hands, breathing together, like his father did with him when he was a child.

33. Beth gets her own goodbye from William.

34. Jack gets beaten up and robbed.

35. Jack and Rebecca decide to have some time apart. Before he leaves, Jack recounts the first time they saw each other.

THIS IS US continues next Tuesday at 10:35pm on Channel 4.


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